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Pídelo Delivery

How does Pídelo Delivery work?

If it is your first time, please register on our website HERE 

Please contact any of the associated establishments and place your order.

We will receive your order, pick it up and deliver it in the shortest time possible.

*Please refer to our COVID-19 protocol of health measures for home delivery.


  • Santa Ursula (capital) + La Quinta: 4€. 
  • Rest of the municipality: 5€.
  • Suburban: Please contact us at +34 679805327.

Population in Tenerife (2019)


Population in Santa Úrsula (2019)


Important Announcement

COVID-19 sanitary measures protocol for home delivery.

At Pídelo Delivery, the health of our customers and delivery men is our top priority. Therefore, we take all preventive measures to minimize the risk of contagion.

⦁ Maintain the safety distance (minimum 1 meter) at all times with our delivery man.

⦁ Our delivery men will always wear a mask. Wear yours too.

⦁ Cuando lleguemos con tu pedido, te pediremos que nos indiques el lugar dónde quieres que lo dejemos.

⦁ We have "disinfectant spray" to protect you even more. Please ask the delivery man.

⦁ At Pídelo Delivery we disinfect each and every one of the delivery items (bags, trunks, backpacks, helmets, gloves, etc) as often as possible, and always before starting and after finishing each work shift.